Usability 2.0 again

Recently, my access logs are showing rapidly increased search activity for “usability2.0”, hitting my January 2006 blog post which, back then, was the only one with this tag. I love to rerun the searches that brought me visitors, and so I found basically three sorts of concepts of usability 2.0:

  1. Some think of the usability that belonga to web 2.0, i. e., which has something to do with the user participation, e. g. interactive practice for the more immersive user experience (World Usability Day), or accounting for its conversation and manipulation affordance. (Luke W. at the Webguild event), or simply, using personas and eyetracking for the new web2.0 application (Usability inside).
  2. Some use the term as buzzword for more or less unspecified improvement of user-centeredness;
  3. and finally, some focus on the different styles (as I did).

Here are some quotations from the third group.

“So at least part of the definition of Usability 2.0 will be an interface accommodating different individuals in the way that suits them.” (Hawdale)

(found via C. Hoskin), and

“With 1.0, we took into account age, gender, geography, etc. Now we have to take that step a little further. What are the psychographics of our client’s target audience?” (LevelTen).

And a site called has my favorite view right on top (at least today).

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