Studying made easier

Another chapter of my Supplement to a student’s handbook has been translated.I wrote it in 2003 for a first year student when I found that the available student’s handbooks on “studying made easier” (e. g. “Leichter studieren“) covered the computer merely as a word processor and literature retrieval tool. So I assembled some notes on how to use it as a think tool, and particularly, how to visualize and rearrange topics and their connections in simple powerpoint diagrams, and how to rearrange and reorder them in database datasheet views.

In the meantime, much progress has been made in personal knowledge management and productivity techniques, but it has not made its way into the handbooks. The above one that I took as basis for my supplement, has now a 4th, enhanced and updated, edition (2006) that is explicitly updated in its computer supported techniques sections, but still restricts itself to the typewriter and reference tool. So I hope by text may still be of some use.

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