Folder Marker

Many thanks to N. McKeand who linked to “Folder Marker“.
I like it not only because of the alternate colors and shapes:

Finally, it is easy enough to assign quick-tip labels to my folders! Since the program generates the required Desktop.ini file including the cryptic header, I need only add a line saying: infotip=some label to get another label displayed in addition to the folder name. Since I like very short names for skimming my folder hierarchy but sometimes need to refresh the memory about what the abbreviation meant, I am glad that this old wish (#69) is now almost fulfilled:

I would mark a folder, unmark it, open it, double-click the Desktop.ini file and add the infotip line. (And to get rid of the other useless information of the infotip, I deactivated “Display file size information in folder tips” from Tools > Folder options… > View.)

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