PKM text translated

Finally, my most-clicked text is translated (except the last sections): Enhancing learning by the use of the computer. It was intended to complement a detailed study guide with some tips for using the personal computer as a tool for thinking support (Personal Knowledge Management). It shows how to use graphics and database programs to reorder, rearrange, and visualize concepts in an easy way, for instance, with simple elbow connectors for hierarchical relationships, and curved connectors for cross-reference relationships. Just one of the most important terms, “elbow” connector, was spoilt when I translated the summary on my own earlier. (I found the term “bent” connector besides “curved” and “straight” in a VBA variable and did not know what the English PPT user interface says. Fortunateley, a professional translator (thank you, Silke!) helped me this time. So I hope you will enjoy the text.

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