Apprenticeship in finding search words

Reading the access logs of my own website, is to a large excent rather frustrating: either the accessing client address belongs to a robot, or it is an anonymous temporary address from a provider network. In very few cases I can guess more information about the one who clicked my content. Nevertheless I like it very much to look at the logs because I found out an additional affordance of the referer logs: The referring search engine query:

I have long ago acknowledged that I am not good at coming up with the appropriate search words or phrases to make search engines be profitable for me (except for very simple names or the like). Therefore I am more willing to tolerate many inconveniences of browsing and clicking through hierarchical systematics. I also spend a lot of time to click through the delicious tags of users who saved the same URLs as I (especially those colored in very light pink, i. e., if just 2-4 people linked to them), because I sometimes find very rewarding resources there from people with very similar preferences.

But the most valuable gems I found were from search engine queries I simply copied from my referer log. According to the pattern “you know it when you see it”, I sometimes anticipate such gems as soon as I see the query string: oh yes, this is an interesting query, why didn’t I come up with this by myself. And so I am learning as an apprentice from the search behavior watched.

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