IE7 and me

I won’t like IE7’s feed reader and will stick to my dedicated aggregator newzcrawler that rather resembles an email reader than a browser. Is it my backwardness, or my “accent” as a “digital immigrant” from the ancient land of email-centrism into the country of the “digital natives?” I think no, it’s preferences or cognitive styles.

Yesterday I tested the IE7 beta2 and I found myself further assured how important a certain set of features is for me:

  1. To have control over zooming/ expanding/ collapsing, such as switching between listing pane (headers and tags), preview pane (teasers and abstracts), and full texts. (There are even more zoom levels when I include the alert balloon above the system tray, and clicking graphics thumbnails to enlarge them).
  2. To manipulate individual posting objects individually, e. g. control when they are marked as read. This direct manipulation paradigm from WIMP GUIs is so entrenched that I don’t like to trade it for the services of a more autonomous /empowered agent (see also my #96 on linear aggregators).

Again, this preferences distinction affects the dichotomy observed before, between a zoomable, open margin view where hidden items are readily expandable – and a more comprehensive, self-contained, closed, “rounded”, concise view where hidden items don’t get in one’s way. (I am curious which respective cortical regions would show up flashing in the fMRI being associated with these styles of viewing…)

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