Expanding/collapsing symbols

D. Pollard pointed to the impressive ecolanguage.net that applies animated symbols to explain roughly the same kind of relationships that Influence Diagrams (see #81) try to show.

I think, L. Arnold makes them powerful not only by using flow and storage symbols with virtuosity but especially by extensively leveraging techniques such as zoom, aggregation, and temporary expanding with immediately collapsing again, to support the cognitive style of people who like to stay aware of hidden items rather than pushing them out across the margin of a large plate.

I wonder how his symbols could be applied to the cognitive flows and structures that KM bloggers deal with. Perhaps yellow (sun, matter, energy) would stand for the amygdala and associated pathways, blue (air, water) would be language, black (cells) would be data, green (plants) information, and brown (animals) would stand for knowledge. (Probably then purple (radioactive) should denote the copyright industry?)

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