Less is more

T. Green already explains something that she calls “feed overload/intimidation syndrome”, which people suffer from who obviously collect too many RSS feeds or who do not sufficiently filter what to subscribe. I cannot be sure yet that I am immune to this syndrome; my blogroll is slowly growing, as well, and I know the temptation to try and tap the rich flow passing by.

This temptation reminds me to my student time when I liked to hitchhike across Europe. Waiting at the exit of a motorway service station or on a low traffic access road, I often looked yearningly to the high traffic passing by at the motorway itself, and some reckless fellows went to stand there immediately at its verge. But waiting at low traffic roads was often rewarding. I remember very well some lonely roads in Ireland where I had often 10 minutes time for picking berries until a single car showed up. But when it stopped (almost always) I had a wonderful time and conversation with very nice drivers.

Similarly, a few RSS feeds linked or recommended by a few other proven feeds, will most likely prove more rewarding than a mass of feeds trying to tame the information flood by just passing the memes on without value-add, selection, or filtering. And with my few favorite feeds, I still have the secure feeling of redundancy which facilitates the triage: if I miss something really important, someone else will mention it again and I will have a second chance to pick it.

Therefore, I started to put newly discoverd feeds into a kind of quarantine folder called “delete candidates”. And most of those I had to finally delete, were the too busy ones.

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