Knowledge Worker connotations

In the “Knowledge Worker” thread, much attention is paid to the differentiation between knowledge and information or wisdom. IMO, the more outstanding connotation of the term is that knowledge is becoming the object of a completely ordinary occupation, like any other raw-materials and manufactured-goods dealt with by any craftsman or worker (which are designations that have a very honorable flavor at least in German, just think of the medieval trade estate (“Stand”) consciousness, or the emblem of hammer and compasses).

This connotation of a normal craft also suggests some visiblity (e.g. artefacts), observeability (for apprentices, and incremental backtrackability), and quasi-physical direct manipulation (of paper-like piles on the desktop).

Having arrived at the piles, the question remains whether the filers (as opposed to the pilers, see Lilia) equally like the notion.

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